To call me obsessed with the web would be an understatement.

Just me...
~ Phil ~

Hi There,

My name is Phil in case you didn’t figure that out from my domain name :).

This is my personal blog where I write about my life, my business, my hobbies, my projects, and my family. Not necessarily in that order.

Let me first say that the views expressed here do not represent my company in anyway. This is my personal blog which can run the gamut from health concerns, pets, home life to PHP programming.

Pheeewww, now that I got that out of the way let me tell you a bit more about myself.

I am a single parent raising two teenage children, a daughter and a son. We all live together in a house with two rescued dogs, two rescued cats, five rescued turtles, two hermit crabs and a pond full of gold fish and Koi.

Life can get hectic at times as I am usually running one way with one child and the other way with the other child. This happens in between cooking, cleaning, repairing and just about everything else you can imagine.

I own and run a Web Development Company along with several other off shoot projects related to the business. I also manage several other internet properties which are either hobbies or for good causes.

If that is not enough I have a full time job!  I have to pay the bills some how. :)

I have many interests including computers (duh!), photography, all things web, Macintosh/Apple computers, cooking, baking, jet sking, bike riding, motor cycles and so much more.

I am addicted to coffee at least 2-3 cups daily, that might not be an addiction to some but I NEED MY COFFEE!

I perpetually run about 15 minutes late, am horrible at getting places on time. I would rather have a virtual meeting or conference call instead.

I hate mess and disorder, I am probably a little OCD when it comes to this.

I have attention span issues, I am always jumping from one thing to another. A bit of chaos works for me though, I prefer to have a few balls in the air all the time.

I was just recently told that this is because I am a type A personality. Good or bad it is what I have to work with, although I am really trying to focus… Wait was that a squirrel???

I am a serial entrepreneur, if I had the time I would have many businesses running all the time. Although this can be overwhelming at times, I love not knowing what lies around every corner…

I am a June baby, a true Gemini, I could be wild and out of control one day and then grounded the next. When I want something bad enough nothing can stop me from getting it, and I usually focus all my attention on it. But at the same time I can also lose interest in something just as fast! This is all part of being a Gemini I guess.

I am a true geek at heart… give me a computer and an internet connection and I am home. I heart technology!

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and my little slice of the internet. While you are here please leave a comment on one of my posts or if you prefer send me an email, I always love hearing from you.

About This Blog

Like I said above this is my personal blog and I talk about everything from Social Media, Website Development, WordPress, All things Tech, Animal Rescue, Home Making, Cooking and even a little personal stuff thrown in for good measure.

This blog is rated ‘E’ for everyone.

Here you can hear me ramble on about social media and how it affects your personal and professional life. I also blog about WordPress and how easy it is to create and update a website using it. You may hear me talking about Twitter at times, but more so Facebook.

I like to think that this blog offers a community forum where you can give your thoughts back to everyone in the comments that you leave. You may have a different opinion about how you use social media and I am sure we would all benefit from hearing them.

This blog also looks at the latest trends in social media, along with new features that have been added to them. I might also write about how great WordPress is and some new plugin that you just can’t live without.

Did I mention that I LOVE WORDPRESS?

If  you would like to read about something and you can’t find it here, please feel free to contact me and ask me to possibly write a post about it. I may not always have the answer, but I’ll try my best to find it!

Please connect with me on my social media profiles that I have listed on the top of the sidebar of the blog.

Feel free to use the navigation menu above to find your way around, and the Archives section will let you see everything I have blogged about.

Most of all please enjoy your time here and thanks again for dropping by!

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