How to block annoying Facebook Advertisements (and others too)

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You know those annoying advertisements on the side of Facebook. The ones for losing weight or finding a date or playing some type of game.

Like the ones you see here:

Click to enlarge
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Are you tired of seeing them?

How about the annoying ads in the front of YouTube videos that you have to sit through only to be disappointed with the actual video that you thought you wanted to see…

Well if you’re like me, you are sick of them!

I have good news for you… You can get rid of them all and it is super easy and best of all FREE!

There is a program called Ad Block Plus which does a very nice job at removing all those intrusive ads along with blocking a lot of tracking that websites do while you surf around. The program works on most browsers and operating systems. You can read about all the features it has here.

A description from their site:

Surf the web without annoying ads!

  • Blocks banners, pop-ups and video ads – even on Facebook and YouTube
  • Protects your online privacy
  • Two-click installation
  • It’s free!

Does it sound to good to be true?

It’s NOT! I love this program, never again will I surf the web without it installed…

See how it looks now after I installed Ad Block Plus:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Ahhhh! Much better…

Do yourself a favor and get it today!

You can thank me later when you are watching that YouTube video without the ads… :)

As always if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

By the way this is NOT a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links as this is FREE software. I am promoting a product that I use everyday and really love!

Download your copy here

( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

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