What is the proper advertising request etiquette

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post-no-billsI never thought about having advertisers on my blog as it is just my personal blog. However I have been approached on more than one occasion to advertise on my site.

So I guess that means I should put together an advertising policy page for anyone who wants to advertise here with me will have clear understanding of my advertising policy.

The thing that gets me is my most recent conversation with someone who wanted to advertise on my site.

It started off normally with a request to advertise on my site:

Hi there,

I am interested in text advertising on your website ( http://philmcdonnell.com ) I primarily am looking for 3 month homepage links for a network of technology blogs and shops, please let me know your prices for these.


My first response:


Please let me know what you want to link to as well as how you want me to link to it. Depending on this is what the cost would be and also if it is even a viable advertising I would want to do.

Thanks for your inquiry…


And their response:


I am interested in TEXT ADVERTISING to your HOMEPAGE of your site. Please let me know your price, my budget is large enough to entertain any fair offer.


Then I sent this response:

Thank you for getting back to me but without knowing who you are advertising for or where you want to place said advertisements I don’t have a way to price it out nor do I have a way to say if I even would put said advertisement.


I thought I was pretty clear that I need to know what they are looking to advertise, what sites the advertising would link to and also where the ads would need to be placed on my site.

But I guess not because this is the next response I received:

My sites are about technology, gadgets and shopping. Please let me know your price. Thanks

So with this I decided I was just not interested anymore in this particular advertisement engagement.

My final response:

I’m sorry but at this point I am not interested in accepting advertising.
Thanks for contacting me, Happy New Year to you…


Was I too harsh?

Was I not clear enough in my asking for information?

Is this some type of scam that I am not aware of yet?

Do you have a blog and have you ever been approached for advertising on your site, leave me any comments below.

( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

8 thoughts on “What is the proper advertising request etiquette”

  1. First of all, I like your new logo and clean look. Second of all, your AdSense banner at the bottom of the sidebar need to go higher. People don’t see that and it won’t generate conversion at the bottom. :) You should move it under the search box.

    I did get some advertisers asking to advertise text link on my site. I always ask what site they are posting, so I will check them out. If they are not telling me the detail, there is no deal.

    Funny thing is that if his has large budget, he would not buy link this way.

    After all, advertise paid-text-link may get your site penalized. So always use nofollow link. ;)

    • Thanks Terence for noticing my updates here. I am working on changing things around a bit. Watch for more in the coming days…

      I will be moving AdSense around as well as adding some paid advertisers to the sidebar.

      I just had a bad feeling about the person wanting to advertise, why wouldn’t they give me a link to their sites?

      I didn’t know about paid text links getting you penalized, can you explain a little more?

      • Phil:

        Basically, people want to buy text link for SEO purpose. Since your home page is mostly with highest page rank on your entire site. People want to buy link ad or paid-review ad on your front page to get a link juice back to their site.

        Every time you give out outbound link, you are lowering your page rank. Especially, if Google find out your are getting paid for text ad, they will penalize the advertiser first and if you are using DoFollow link, you may be penalized too.

        Page Rank is an old school SEO. Most third country SEO companies have NOT pickup the new SEO techniques.

        PS. For some reasons, your CommentLuv dosn’t let me choose blog post.

        • Thanks, I didn’t realize that links can cause me to be penalized… Should I do no-follow on every outbound link?
          No sure about comment luv, maybe I need a newer plugin? I thought it only posts your latest post?

          • I only give NOFOLLOW link to affiliate or advertisement. The rest of them are still DOFOLLOW.

            I guess my blog has some issues with CommentLuv plugin. My other blog is loading fine. I can get a list of blog post.

  2. Hey Phil, I was just googling for the same so that I can find out whether I am fooled by this person.
    I searched on google with the following text
    “I am interested in text advertising on your website I primarily am looking for 3 month homepage links for a network of technology blogs and shops, please let me know your prices for these”.

    The above text contained my blog’s link also, I just removed it to be more precise and found many pages having this text.

    Luckily I found your post which is subjectively about this.

    The other pages I found has this same guy named “Dan” has sent the same freaking line.

    I guess he is just spamming but professionally. have you got any inputs from others please share.

    • I have had others contact me for advertising to, but most never respond back after the first reply from me which leads me to believe that it was a spam bot that sent it in the first place…

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