NYC Traffic Ticket Phishing Email

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I have written several times about phishing schemes that come to my email, I wrote about a PayPal scheme here and a Chase banking scheme here.


Today I received an email with the subject:

NYC Traffic Ticket N(ID- 077501138)


It had the following in the content of the email:

So how do I know this is fake?

First give away was it was sent to a bunch of email addresses. If the DMV or NYC or NYS really sent tickets via email (THEY DON’T) I would think they would send it directly to me. Not only that where did they get my email address from? I didn’t give them any email address when I registered my vehicle.

Second give away is the subject states NYC (New York City) Traffic Ticket, but the content of the email states NYS (New York State) so which one is it?

Third give away is “THE PERSON DESCRIBED ABOVE IS CHARGED AS FOLLOWS” what person? There is no name or address stated anywhere.

And of course the final give away is if you click on the link (Disabled here) it does not take you to any official government site, instead it actually took me to a broken website that did not even have a domain name but used an IP address.

I am just posting this here to hopefully save someone from actually thinking they really have a ticket somewhere when it is just a bad phishing scheme.

Have you received any of these types of emails? Let me know in the comments below.

( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

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