Kong to the Rescue!

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What is Kong? How is it going to resuce me or anyone for that matter?
Well it’s not really going to rescue you or even your friends, but it does provide Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters with some much needed toys to occupy their dogs for a while.

So what you say! There are many companies that sell toys for dogs, what is so special about Kong?

You are correct! There are plenty of companies that make and sell toys for dogs. But the Kong company also thinks about those dogs in Shelters and Animal Rescue Groups who are waiting for their forever homes.

On Facebook today a friend of mine brought up this exact topic but didn’t know where to find out more information. So of course me being me, I turned to Google and searched around until I found some answers.

It wasn’t too hard, the first thing I found was the Kong website itself and right on the front page they have a link to their Kong Seconds program.

Order KONG Seconds – Shelters, pounds and rescue groups ONLY!

So of course I had to click it to get more information. But to my dismay it brought me to my email client and I had to send an inquiry to them to find out more information. To most that might be a stopping point, but you know me once I put my mind to something it gets done!

So I sent a simple request out to them and within an hour I had a response. We went back and forth a bit just to clarify what the program was about and what I could or could not do and share with you. The responses were very friendly and basically gave me full access to discuss the program with you.

The Kong Second Program in a nut shell.
Non-profit groups can order imperfect Kongs for a low price. They don’t come with a guarantee and can’t be resold.

Pretty straight forward and simple. Non-Profit Rescues/Shelters can place an order for what Kong calls “Seconds” (more on that in a minute) and they get to save some money by doing so.

Kong Seconds” – Overall they look just like the ones you would find in stores. The imperfections are small and unnoticable. I am sure the dogs won’t notice them at all once they are filled with treats.

The best part of the program is anyone can place an order and have it shipped directly to a Rescue Group or Shelter. The one catch is you either have to ship it directly to the group or you must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit yourself in order to participate in this program.

Knowing that Kong has a program where Shelters and Rescue Groups can get reduced priced items for dogs waiting to find forever homes makes me want to help promote their company even more!

The Kong will keep dogs occupied for a while as then chew on the rubber to get the treats out from inside. What do you fill the Kong with? That’s up to you but on the Kong website they have plenty of recipies like this one:

Advanced KONG Stuffing
Start with a few clean, appropriately sized KONG toys.
NOTE: Small breeds can use a medium KONG toy for maximum stuffing benefit.

Layer One: Tantalizer – Fill little hole on top of KONG toy with any flavor KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat paste.
Layer Two: Dessert – Fill approximately one-third of the cavity with dog treats such as KONG Stuff’N Snacks.
Layer Three: Main Course – Fill the last two-thirds with dry dog food, and then seal off with a soft canned food or food roll.
Layer Four: Appetizer – Leave a KONG Stuff’N Snack or ZIGGIES sticking out of the opening. The “easy pickings” will provide an immediate pay off and entice your dog to “get serious” about the job. It is important for dogs to succeed at their “work.”

In conclusion, if you know of any Rescue Groups or Shelters that could benefit from some Kongs send them the link to this blog post or directly to the Kong website.

This is not a paid advertisement for Kong nor do I get any commisions on any sales, I am just looking out for all the dog lovers who would love to do something special for dogs waiting for their forever homes.

Since I reached out to Kong, they gave me permission to post their order form here so it will save you the trouble of contacting them to get it. If you have any questions the representative said to feel free to give them a call.

Kong Seconds Order Form (PDF) / Kong Seconds Order Form (Excel)

Please feel free to share this post with anyone that you know that could benefit from this program.

Do you sponsor, volunteer or donate to a Shelter or Rescue Group? Why not ask if they need some toys for their dogs, this would be a great donation. If you don’t currently have anyone in mind why not check out the groups I support and see if they can use your support as well.

Have you had any experience with this program? How about with the Kong toy itself? Let me know in the comment section below…


( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

4 thoughts on “Kong to the Rescue!”

  1. A knog toy is the only toy I have found that will hold up to my gang which includes pit and pit rottweiler mix. Definitely worth the money and the dogs love them. I have recently started fostering and so glad to have multiple Kong toys to keep everyone here happy.

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