Does your Facebook Page have a Friendly URL?

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So you created that great new Facebook page for your business or organization and you just started to get a bunch of ‘likes’. Now you want to share it with the world, through your blog, maybe Tweet about it, whatever way you share it you want it to be easy right?

Well, when you first create a page on Facebook you get assigned a very long and ugly URL something like:

That doesn’t look too appealing does it? Not to mention how could I ever remember that if I wanted to tell someone what the link is?

What if you could have a URL something like this:

What if I told you that you can?

It is simple to do and the only requirement is that you must have 25 people already ‘like’ your page. If you meet this requirement then go to:

From here you can not only set your Facebook Page Friendly URL but you can also set a username for your own profile so people don’t need to go to some long URL for your profile either.

So something like this:

Could now become something like this:

Much nicer don’t you think?

Anyway, go to set your personal username for your profile if you haven’t already, and then under that area is a pull down menu to choose the page that you admin and want to create a friendly URL for.

Facebook Friendly URL - Username Setting Screen
Facebook Friendly URL - Username Setting Screen

Once you find your page you will get a box to enter a name for your friendly URL and then you click the ‘Check Availability” button to see if nobody else has already used that name. If nobody has then you are good to go after you read the instructions Facebook gives you about not being able to change the name after it is set.

So what do you think? Is it worth it to have a friendly URL or do you think it doesn’t really matter because everyone just clicks links now a days anyway?

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