Are you missing friends on Facebook?

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So you have been on Facebook for quite some time. You have been through all their updates and changes, good and bad.

Well it seems like Facebook has done another roll out of a feature that you may not even know about.

Have you been reading your news feed and wondering where everyone is?

Does it seem like some of your friends are missing? Well it is not your imagination, they really are missing! Well not really but they are hidden in the news feed.

Facebook has made a change that unless you change it yourself you will only see posts from the people and pages that you interact with mostly.

It is pretty simple to fix but unless you know about it you would never realize it was even changed.

So to fix it just go to your home page where your news feed is and on the top right of the news feed click on ‘Most Recent’ so that all the most recent posts are showing.

Step 1
Step 1


Then click on the ‘Edit Options’ button on the bottom of the menu. Then you will see the following screen:

Step 2
Step 2


Make sure you select ‘All of your friends and pages’ from the pull down menu on the top.

Now you will see all your friends and pages in your news feed.

Be sure to click the ‘Save’ button to save all your new settings.

By the way, while you are on this screen you can see any people/pages/apps that you have blocked in the past in case you want to add them back into your news feed.

I hope this helps and please do share this with all your Facebook friends so they will know about this as well…


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9 thoughts on “Are you missing friends on Facebook?”

  1. Phil:

    This may be a wonderful thing to me. I tend to just subscribe to the people I really like to follow. There are too many noise on my wall everyday. I will not like to see how people feed their cats.

    Or tell me how much money they’ve made by selling their wonderful weight lost supplement. It also meas people can do the same to me.

    That’s one of the reasons why I use fanpage more. If they don’t like me, they don’t have to read my mind. If they like me, they are welcome to engage with me on my fanpage.

    Great info. I did not even know it’s ready for my profile. Thanks to you!

    • It is a great feature if you want to block out the noise. I personally block a lot of pages that I ‘Liked’ but don’t want to see in my news feed daily.

      Funny that you said the word subscribe, watch for a post today about a new feature being rolled out on Facebook to let you subscribe to profiles that you are not friends with.

      I am trying to find my balance with my personal profile and my fan page, not 100% sure how it will all work out yet…

  2. Yup! The subscription features is nice for those who have almost 5000 friends. I just think it’s dumb to have 5000 friends instead of 5000 fans.

    That also reminds me not to post something personal any more. Now a total stranger can follow you! Yes, I bet Facebook will have features to block people from subscribing your update. It’s like dig a bigger hole to cover up the small hole.

    I do find Fanpage is a better way to do business. Personal profile should just stay as personal. You can’t really make $$$ out of your personal profile, but you can do that on Fanpage.

    • I agree 100% with you, people should not be ‘Friending’ everyone. If you are looking to build your own brand then a page is the way to go.

      The subscribe feature looks to be cool but not sure why it is necessary, if I want to see your profile I should have to be your friend. I for one will be keeping my profile private for friends and family only, for personal branding I am going to use my fan page.

      It is also against Facebooks terms of service to create a profile for your business…

  3. I have to say that your post i really great because you let us know that FB has an awesome features if you want to block out the noise. I personally block a lot of pages that I ‘Liked’ but don’t want to see in my news feed daily. I am trying to find my balance with my personal profile and my fan page, not 100% sure how it will all work out yet

    • Hello Lucy,

      Well since Facebook changes more than the weather I can never keep up with them :)

      If you click the arrow to the right of the post you want to hide you can choose it from there. They now call it unsubscribe to posts from people. So if you want to follow a friend’s posts again you can just go to their profile and subscribe.

      Here is what the unsubscribe looks like:
      Facebook Unsubscribe

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