Happy Birthday my dear Alicia

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Today is a very special day, not only because it is your birthday but because it is the day I first saw a true angel.

It seems like it was only yesterday that you came into my life. A precious little bundle of joy. I was even scared to hold you at first.

But now look at you! You have grown into a beautiful young woman who makes me proud daily to call you my Daughter.

I know life is not easy at times and we have gone through our struggles, but we have made it through them all and came out stronger than ever.

My dear Daughter, I am here for you today and always! I will stand by your side through good and bad times. When you need a friend, you can count on me to be the one true friend that will always be there for you.

Many people may come in and out of your life, but YOUR Daddy will be there forever…

I love you my sweet princess.

Happy Birthday!

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