Google+ Invites, get em here!

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So I have been on Google+ for a couple of days now and it has its advantages and dis-advantages.

I could sit here and complain about the lack of friends as opposed to Facebook or I can exclaim how great the circle concept is.

Instead I would rather get some more people on board Google+. It seems like some nice people, like Garry Conn are doing it too, so I figured why not share as well.

When I joined Google+ (Thanks Terence) I was given some invites. These invites come and go as I give them out and also as Google shuts down the invites, so it will be first come first serve.

If you want an invite all you have to do is comment below and let me know why you want one, nothing to long just a simple answer will do.

I will send you an invite to the email address you used for your comment so please make sure it is a valid email address.

Don’t worry I am not capturing your email address to spam you, it is just for this post and invites.

Hope to see you on Google+ soon…

( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

65 thoughts on “Google+ Invites, get em here!”

  1. Never really jumped on the facebook wagon but interested to see how google’s version works ou – seeing as how many sites i spend time on already exist under the google umbrella.

  2. I am a radio guy, and I use google for EVERYTHING! Calendar, email forwarding, contacts, phone, nav… Everything! I’m a googefile that would love to get on board asap so that i can finally experience what I hope(d) google would one day become. Twitter doesn’t do it for me, and facebook is just that. booked. done. I need my google+ please :)

  3. I would love to join the Google+ Nirvana !
    Thanks to good people like you it may be possible…..
    Phil, please send me to the state of Google+ Nirvana

    • No problem Terence, I am glad that I met you and we have become friends, well virtual friends…

      I too don’t know what will become of G+ but I am sure going to stick around for a while and see…

    • Thanks, it is always a work in progress when I have the time… Right now I am help some animal rescue groups with their websites and converting to WordPress…

  4. yeah, I just created a Google+ account from an invitation of my friend. Try it in some minutes, I have some thoughts: more simple than Facebook with magical Circles, animation effects are processed so smooth

    if you have any difficulty in registering, let me know, I’ll invite you immediately

  5. I’d love to join Google+ for me and to invite other friends. Please send me an invitation. (=
    Greets from Germany

  6. Hi,

    If still possible I would love an G+ invite. I run a review site and I keep hearing everyone rave about google+. I am on Linux also using Fedora 15 and I am curious how well that works with googles new facebook slayer. I can’t wait to be able to ditch FB.

    Terry Wallwork

  7. Fashionably late as always. If there is any chance you have invites left, I’d love one. I want a place I can drop my nefews neighbors cousins. And my friends kids and aunts. And anyone who makes quoting random suicidal songs their status msg. (I’ll have a circle for them called “do not call 911, it’s a song lyric”.)
    Can you help?

  8. Would love to try Google + because I take advantage of just about everything else Google offers.
    Just followed you back on Twitter. Glad you like dogs

    • LOL! Only you would think about that Terence :)

      I have too many other things to do than blast some spam… :)

      Although maybe I could make some money…

    • I agree with you 100% I have too many networks already, but Google + is worth checking out even if you don’t use it yet… I like the way it works likes Facebook but better :)

      I sent you an invite, give it a try!

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