Google needs to get hit with a Shillelagh

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No Google Logo in 2011?

So St. Patrick’s Day came and went for 2011 and neglected to recognize the day.

Usually they post one of their “updated for the day logos” on their home page, but not today.

Sure they posted one on their Ireland website (;

But what about here in the US?

It seems like they can change their logo at will for the most trivial of days, but a holiday that many celebrate is not even recognized?

For this I say Google needs to be hit with a Shillelagh :)

In case you are interested in what a Shillelagh is have a look at Wikipedia’s definition.

Shillelagh (club)

It also seems like I am not the only one who noticed…


Am I wrong for calling Google to task on this? What are your thoughts?


( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

4 thoughts on “Google needs to get hit with a Shillelagh”

  1. Hi, Phil!
    Like you, we didn’t get a St Patrick’s Day 2011 Google Doodle in the UK either. Like you, my family were really disapointed! I look forward all the doodles and have actually been ‘collecting’ them since last year. The art work is usually very good, and well thought out. – Thanks for posting the one from 17/03/2011 from the Irish site!

    Seeing as St Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated around the Globe in the English and Gaelic speaking communities, we were really surprised to log onto Google yesterday and not find the expected comemoratory doodle there. We usually always have one on 17 March. Why was 2011 made an exception? – Must ask my brother in Australia if they were left out this year as well – like in the States, the Australian’s celebrate the day in a big way!

    You might be interested in this Google site that I have just come across (by Googling ‘2011 “Google doodle”‘) – I hadn’t realised that we had been missing out on so much – I had always thought that ALL the Google Doodles went out worldwide, but it seems that quite a few are restricted to certain countries/regions. It is such a shame.

    Here it is – and it seems to give all the Google doodles going back for years, though as of this moment they still haven’t put up the ‘St Patrick’s Day 2011’ one yet:
    [And please, Google, don’t get it wrong next year!]
    ECS Sanchez.

    • Thanks for your reply. I am still shocked that Google snubbed St. Patrick’s Day yesterday.

      Thanks for the link, I never knew Google had their own page of doodles. I will be adding that link to my bookmarks.

  2. It is unbelievable …………..they deserve a mention, but I am against actually hurting someone (although I get the reasoning for the word). Good catch Phil. Guess Google is very busy with the cloud, let’s get them back to the street!

    • Of course I did not mean it in real terms Karen, how would one actually hit Google? LOL! It was a play on words for the title and what they did…

      Google has been slipping a lot lately, not sure what they are up to but it must be big…

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