Yahoo I won!

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So you are probably asking yourself, What the heck does Sunday Brunch have to do with the title of this post?

Well it all started when my friend Danny Brown asked his blog readers to think of a name for a new weekly blog series that would appear on a Sunday.

On his post he stated:

Originally I was going to call it Sunday School, since it’ll be posted on a Sunday and it will have an educational slant (yeah, I know, not very original).

But then I was thinking some folks might think it’s a religious thing, and I wouldn’t want to confuse or upset anyone. So… any ideas?

So I started to think about what I would call a series like this and it just came to me…

Sunday Brunch

I had some other names that I submitted but for some reason the Sunday Brunch really just fit (at least in my mind).

I saw many others post suggestions and I thought, “WOW some of these are really great there is no way I am going to win.”

But as I surfed over to Danny’s blog today there it was my name in shining lights! (Well posted on his blog…)

I am so excited to have given him the name that he chose to use for his weekly series. I wish Danny good luck with the new series and am very excited to see what he will be writing about.

Thank you Danny for giving me the opportunity to participate and also for choosing my suggestion.


( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

2 thoughts on “Yahoo I won!”

  1. Hey there Phil,

    Thanks a lot for helping me choose the name, mate – I think it fits perfectly for what I want to make the series feel like. :)

    Email coming your way today for shipping details – cheers!

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