And so it begins – Simplify my online presence.

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Since I said I wanted to start simplifying my life, I figured I would tackle the easiest things first.

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I am limiting my online presence to only a handful of social networks, one instant message network and reducing my email accounts as well.

I don’t want to eliminate my entire online presence since I do most of my work online I still need to be available, but I don’t need all the noise that extra IM’s, social networks, etc give. Plus it will make it easier to focus if I don’t have to constantly be bombarded with information that I probably don’t need.

If I was going to totally go cold turkey and kill my entire existence online I would probably use a service like Web 2.0 Suicide Machine. This service is incredible in what it does, if you want to completely wipe your online world you simply enter your login information for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or LinkedIn and it will delete all your friends, messages, and change your username, password, and photo so that you cannot log back in.

( Warning: This will really delete your online presence and is not revocable. )

Since I don’t want to totally eliminate my presence and I still do want to connect with my friends, family and clients online I am selectively reducing my presence.

As of right now I have a short list of what I am keeping as follows:

  • Facebook – For family and friends mostly
  • Twitter – To meet new people and connect with other business minded people
  • LinkedIn – My business social network
  • Youtube – For all my video posting needs
  • Picasa – For all my picture posting needs
  • AIM – AOL Instant Messenger to have live text/video chats
  • SKYPE – Mostly for business text/voice/video chats

I am also consolidating email addresses for my personal and business life.

What would you recommend adding or removing from this list? Have you ever done something similar? Let me know in the comments below.


( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

9 thoughts on “And so it begins – Simplify my online presence.”

  1. Hey Phil!

    I think you picked the good ones. I use Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Sprouter (twitter for entrepreneurs) and my blog I don’t have Skype or Aim (See my commentluv link below on how to use Facebook for live chat and interviews).

    Web 2.0 does tend to get out of control, doesn’t it. I think a pull back to core services is an emerging trend!

    BTW – Feel free to look me up on any of the services mentioed above – I’m pretty much donpower on them all!


    – Don
    .-= Don Power´s last blog ..How to use Facebook to Conduct a Blogger Interview =-.

    • Hey Don,

      Glad you stopped by, I was reading your blog last night :) When are you going to start your Daddy Blog? I will surely visit that often as I have 3 children at home.

      Do you think it is a good idea to separate blogs? I know this is a debate and you are on the fence about it as well. I am trying to figure out whether I should blog everything here on my name blog or spread it out and focus on subject specific blogs.

      I am going to take a look at Sprouter because of you but not sure if I will join or not as it is one more thing to keep up with.

      I do need to keep AIM because of certain clients and I also had to keep Yahoo IM because my data center techs use it.

      I was trying to keep Facebook for just friends and family but I have come to the conclusion that is not going to happen. Look for my new blog post coming soon about protecting your account so that you can friend anyone without sharing everything.

      I will look you up and “friend” you elsewhere…

      Thanks again for stopping by.


  2. Hey Phil!

    It’s 5:00PM Pacific Jan. 25 and I’m just about to head into David Risley’s webinar about blogging 2010. If you get this in time, here’s a link:

    In any event, I’ll come back here and answer your questions later! I’ll be posting a review of the Risley webinar on my blog on Tuesday Jan. 26 in case you miss it today!


    – Don
    .-= Don Power´s last blog ..“THEY are Coming”, says David Risley =-.

    • Hey Don,

      Sorry I didn’t see your post, for some reason Akismet thought it was spam. Maybe because of the link?

      Anyway looking forward to the blog post about the Webinar, will keep an eye on your blog.


  3. Hey Phil!

    Well my review of the webinar is on my blog – you can follow the commentluv link below.

    Be sure and read the comments following the post ;)


    (BTW – still “struggling” to find the time to get another blog – the daddy blog – going!)
    – Don
    .-= Don Power´s last blog ..David Risley Disappoints =-.

    • I know what you mean about finding time! I am still pulled in many directions but am learning to focus a bit better and also to say NO to some things which frees up my time for others.

      I am off to read your post, but from the title it doesn’t look like it went very well.


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