Learning to say NO!

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Just Say No

Just say NO!

This is going to be my new mantra in life. I am always willing to say yes to most anything just to keep people happy. Well the time has come to say NO!

If i am asked to do something I really don’t want to do then I am going to say NO! If I am asked to take a job that I think is not a good fit for me then I am going to say NO! If I really don’t feel good about doing something then the answer is… NO!

I have thought about this for some time and I realized that just because I tell someone NO it doesn’t make them like me less or even make them not want to hire me in the future. It will not make their project come to a screeching halt or make the sky fall in.

What it will do is give me the freedom to choose to do what I want to do and not what I think I have to do.

I read a great blog post about this very subject. The following sums up the post best;

Those of you who often over-commit or feel too scattered may appreciate a new philosophy I’m trying:

If I’m not saying “HELL YEAH!” about something, then say no.

As we approach the new year I am looking to change many things in my life, some are business related, some personal and some have to do with personal development. In the end I think that by releasing myself of things I don’t want to do I will have more time to do the things I do want to do.

Does that make me sound selfish? It could appear that way, but who said the things I want to do are just for myself? Perhaps I want to spend a day fishing with my Son, or a day playing basket ball with my Daughter. Whatever I choose to do at least I will be wanting to do it!

What do you think? Am I right or wrong? Am I selfish?

Or am I finally beginning to realize that there are only so many days that you can truly appreciate life and I don’t want to spend those days doing things that I really don’t want to be doing.


( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

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