Phishing, Fake, Spoof emails now affecting Payal?

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Photo by: Ricky David

Photo by: Ricky David

First it was J.P. Morgan Chase then it was eBay and now Paypal!

When is it going to stop?

Do these phishing emails really work?

Do people actually click on a link that look like this:

If you would consider clicking on a link like that can you tell me why? Why would you think that a domain that starts with has anything to do with Paypal?

Here is the email I received today and have since forwarded it on to Paypal.

(Click image to enlarge)

If you receive one of these phishing emails make sure you forward it on to [email protected] and then delete it.

One thing Paypal does is use secure urls for everything. So you would never get you should always get (notice the ‘s’).

If you did happen to enter your real Paypal information into a phishing site, go to Paypal and change your login information right away and monitor any withdrawals from your account.

Now-a-days you have to be very vigilant when you are using the internet. If you receive an email like the one above, it is most likely fraudulent and should not be followed. Most companies do not send you an email with login links and tell you to login and change your settings, they send you an email telling you to login to your account but don’t offer any links to do so.

Have you been a phishing victim?

Did you get any of these emails?

Let me know in the comments below.

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