Another Microsoft Internet Explorer Exploit!

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IE LogoMicrosoft has released a patch on Wednesday to fix an exploit that could allow remote access to your PC. If you use Internet Explorer 7 you MUST apply the patch when it is available.

You can read about the exploit here and here and you can read about the actual flaw on Microsoft’s website here.

Why are you still using IE anyway, Firefox can do whatever IE can and more. If you like living on the bleeding edge why not try Google’s new browser Chrome? It is lightning fast and removes all the junk from your screen except for the webpage that you are looking at. Google just released it from beta but it is far from ready, there are many things that just don’t exist if you are used to using Firefox. If you are an IE person then give Chrome a chance it might just be the answer to your troubles.

The other solution is to use a Macintosh! :)

Happy Holidays!


( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

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