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Verizon LogoAs I suspected there is no strike as of yet against Verizon. If you have followed my blog you know I work for Verizon and our contract expired August 2, 2008. Everyone at work said that we were going on strike and it could be a long one, etc. I was the only one who kept saying that it would seem unlikely that Verizon would want to put us on the street.

At the last minute the union and Verizon decided to stay at the bargaining table and continue working towards a new contract. Us employees were told to continue working as normal and all existing contract provisions should be followed. It is only a matter of time before a contract will be signed, at least in my opinion.

Recently Verizon won the concession to supply video to the five boro’s here in New York, how would it look to the investors that the workers were now on strike? Not to mention the quarterly results for the last quarter came in above expectations. In this time of a down economy for a company to be profiting and yet not wanting to benefit their own employees that make that profit for the company would seem absurd.  So this was my main reason for saying we will not be walking the picket line, at least not this year.

My prediction is that Verizon will extend or agree to a 5 year contract with all the same provisions we already have and give us a 3% increase annually for the term of the new contract. This will allow Verizon to use us to get all the FIOS installed over the next several years, at that time there will be a need for a much smaller labor force since fiber does not require the maintenance that copper does. After the FIOS is rolled out and functional I would then be worried about the status of the next contract that will be offered, by that time (5 years) I assume Verizon will offer several buy outs to get rid of alot of employees through attrition.

Everyone knows that I am a big supporter of technology advancement, however this is one time that it affects me directly. The more advanced technology gets within Verizon the less they will require my services. In the end it will make a better company that should be very profitable for it’s shareholders, however it’s employees may be out in the cold.

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