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ATTENTION: If you are looking for current info on the strike against the Kingsbridge Heights Nursing Home please go to 


I posted the other day about a strike at the nursing home across the street from my house. It is still in full swing and as of this date there have been no negotiations to speak of.

If you don’t know I am the President of our local neighborhood association. During the last couple of days I have been out in the neighborhood distributing flyer’s and letters to all my neighbors explaining the strike and giving the unions side of it. I have been trying to drum up support and unity from the neighbors as well for the union so that we can have a larger voice to try and get their strike resolved.

For my efforts I was surprised to receive a fruit bouquet today from the union. I was not expecting anything for what I do as I enjoy doing what I do. I also want to see these people get back to work and hopefully sign a mutually beneficial contract.

I must thank 1199 SEIU – Health Care Workers for this lovely bouquet!




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