Elevator riddle & contest

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My Daughter came home with a riddle today and I thought it was cute enough to deserve a post. See if you can guess the correct answer to it?

The first person who posts the correct answer will win a free 125×125 button ad here on my blog for one month.

No cheating please, don’t Google it either.


Here it goes…

Billy lives on the 20th floor of his apartment building, everyday when he comes home from school he takes the elevator to the 15th floor and then he gets off and walks the next five flights of stairs to his floor.

Why do you think Billy does this?

Hint: It is not because he needs the exercise.



( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

2 thoughts on “Elevator riddle & contest”

  1. That’s correct! I knew Dan would be the first to get it ;)

    Dan email me a button promoting your blog or website and I will gladly add it to the rotation of ads.


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