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You see I told you there were free things in life!cpf_logo.gif

If you have been looking for a firewall for your Windows computer but aren’t sure what you need or don’t want to spend too much, then I have found a firewall for you.

Comodo Firewall Pro

According to their website it is FREE forever, No catch, No kidding! Also FREE for commercial use. Unlike some other ‘free’ firewalls, this is not a stripped down version but is the full, completely functional product. Updates and upgrades are also free.

I personally use a hardware firewall so I have no need to install one on my machine but if you are just using a DSL modem or Cable Modem then you really should get yourself a firewall!

I will be posting soon about a great FREE virus software that I use on my machines an always recommend to everyone, check back soon…

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  1. Glad to help! I love that there is free software available for firewalls and virus protection. It is a shame that there are so many people out there that don’t realize it. I will post about the virus software tonight…

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