Another Christmas…

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Wow it has been exactly one year since I posted what a chore it is to decorate for Christmas. It is funny because today of all days I decided to bring up all the decorations and start the annual ritual of setting up the tree, the village, the trains and whatever else is in those darn rubber maid containers.

I don’t really mind doing the actual decorating more than I mind bringing everything up from the basement in the freezing cold…

Like I said last year when did this become such a chore? I used to love Christmas and all the decorating fun! Keyword was fun, it used to be real fun to me to decorate the whole house not just a tree.

I need a visit from Saint Nick himself to cheer me up and get me into the Christmas spirit that I sooooo need!!!

Anyway off to find a piece of plywood to stick under the tree…

Happy Holidays to all! I hope you have to decorate too :)


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