Remembering Gramps…

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In Loving Memory

George  V. Warnett

February 14, 1910 – November 18, 2002

Today is the day my Gramps passed away 5 years ago. I miss him dearly and have fond memories of him throughout my whole life. He was my Grand Father, my Teacher and most of all my Friend! If I could do anything to bring him back I would, I miss him so much and wish that we could be playing a game of Gin Rummy or Parcheesi right now. I know my Gramps was very proud of me and always said I was his 4th son! He taught me how to fix things, how to paint and even how to pick berries… There were many days spent in Van Cortlandt Park picking berries, getting spring water or collecting birch branches for him to make tooth picks with.

I remember telling him that I was going to be a Dad and thought he would be very mad as I was not married and he was very old fashioned. It didn’t matter to him, he was just happy for me.

Here are some pictures of him with my Daughter when she was a new born.




I love you and miss you both!!!

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