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Well today I asked one of my internet friends about the camera she uses and what she recommends for a newbie wannabe photographer. Well did I open a can of worms :) She was kind enough to reply to my email but then was gracious enough to blog about it for all to see.

I am glad that I found several blogs, one of which is Heathers. I always get a good laugh at some of the things she posts as well as glean some parenting advice along the way. She posts stuff from daily routines of mundane chores to the extreme pictures of catching a copper head snake in a bucket.

I am amazed at the many internet friends I have made online, even though I have never met them for real I feel as though I know them personally just because of reading their musings. I am thankful for all these bloggers that give me an insight into their lives so I can see that I am not alone in how I do things. I sometimes say to myself “Hey I did that” after reading someones post on their blog.

So thank you, all of you selfless bloggers who post their lives for all to see. It makes me feel I am more normal than I thought. I am proud to be part of this community, even if I am only a very small part.

Here are some of the many friends I have made online:

Blog on my friends!

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3 thoughts on “Internet Friends…”

  1. You are too kind. I did blog about that today because I felt like a bit of a hypocrit … as if I was putting forth “airs” on something I actually know little about! HA!

    And I know what you mean about the internet. It can feel isolated, but oh my goodness, it doesn’t. Not with these personal blogs online. I can’t wait to log on and see what ‘x’ and ‘y’ did or how ‘z’ finished out her living room.

    And of course the geek blogs. I would die without geeky blogs of the technical genre.

  2. That’s awfully sweet of you, Phil. I feel the same way — most people haven’t got a clue what we do, and it’s great to talk to people who do. And make a few friends along the way.

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