Dad, My prayers are with you…

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My Dad has been diagnosed with SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME which means he could simply be walking up to get the mail and drop dead.

Today he will undergo a catherization and possible heart biopsy. Then he will have to go back and have a defibrillator implanted in his chest to keep him alive in case his heart stops beating…


My prayers are with you today and I am sure you will make it through without a hitch. There are many people thinking of you and praying for you as well. You have been a strong man all your life and nothing has changed, you will overcome this and be better and stronger because of it. I will be there for you as you have always been there for me.

I love you Dad,


Anyone reading this, if you would add my Dad to your prayers or your thoughts it would be greatly appreciated…

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  1. Yes it is pretty scary stuff… Just an update since we went to the hospital today. My Dad had a catherization and was told that he will need to return next week for an angioplast and have 2 stents put in to open his arteries. I will keep everyone updated. Please remember my Dad in your prayers.

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