Does this mean I get good luck?

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Today might just be the day that I start having good luck!

At work today when I went to get a cup of coffee I found a penny “heads up”, you might say so what I find them all the time… Yeah but do you find them “heads up” right in front of a church? Now I am not a very religious person but come on… it has to be lucky!

Then this evening going to Nathan with my kids we ran into a rain storm that cleared out quickly and left an unbelievable rainbow that was awe inspiring. See the pictures below, even though they were taken with a cellphone they are still awesome.





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2 thoughts on “Does this mean I get good luck?”

  1. The top two photos show a double rainbow. I have a couple photos I took a long time ago (before digital cameras) that have a double rainbow as well, but I’ve never been able to scan them without losing it.

  2. DAN:

    My Daughter said the same thing but I just thought it was reflecting off the clouds. I guess she was right that it really was a double rainbow. Thanks for pointing that out. I have several more pictures of the rainbow that I will be posting to Flikr later.

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