Weighing in at just about a month!

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Hello All,

As you may remember from my previous post that I wanted to start losing weight and building some muscle tone. Well I am happy to say it is working. I started about August 23rd and weighed 224lbs, I have been trying to lift weights every other day and also have been riding my bicycle on the days I am not lifting weights. I don’t really have a set routine but I try to get atleast 30 minutes of workout time when I do workout.

I have been feeling good and sore lately so that means it is working! I am happy to say that my weigh in today was 210lbs. That’s 14lbs in about a month! Yaaaaayyyyy…

I have not changed my diet too much just reduced some of the junk food and adding the exercise really has worked.

As I said last time I would put up some pics of before and after. Well I am not ready for the after but I can share a before picture when I was 225lbs back on August 15 at Sesame Place.

Phil - Before @ 225lbs on 8/15/2007

I don’t think I need to lose too much more weight but I would like to get to 195-200lbs and have muscle tone. I am well on my way of getting to my goal.

Thanks for all your support and emails that have kept me going.

( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

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