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It has been brought to my attention that I have been tagged by Dan over at to pick my favorite color. I already answered on his blog but just to be safe he asked for a post here as well.

I am new to this whole virtual tag stuff and hopefully I will be doing it correctly. I have been tagged twice in the past week and still need to answer the second tag. My biggest problem with tagging is I am supposed to tag people back but I am not sure who to tag and if I can tag the same person that tagged me.

So without further delay here is my choice of colors for Dan:

“Well my favorite color used to be Blue but lately it has been Black but that is the absence of color no? So I would say that I am being partial to a Green but it has to be a pale hue not lime or dark. ”

By the way since it is tag here goes my tag list and since nobody said no tag backs yet I get to tag Dan back.

Dan what is your favorite color?

Heather what is your favorite color?

Jessica what is your favorite color?

As you can see I have a limited number of blog friends as of right now…


( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

6 thoughts on “Virtual Tag?”

  1. Well, I’ll know to say “no tag backs” for next time, LOL!

    My favorite color is black. The absence of color would be invisible, no? ;-)

    My favorite color used to be purple, then green, then black. Or maybe it was green, then purple, then black. I’m thinking maybe more the former than the latter. I think I liked purple first.

    I did go through an orange phase, but black was still my favorite color at the time. Just liked orange as an extra punch of color, I guess.

  2. Well, I really pretty much run as fast as I can from memes. But, I’ll tell ya my fave is orange (in all its shades) and I tagged you yesterday, so I’m gonna duck out on this meme.

    I’m a random tagger – no meme, no commitment on the part of the one tagged … just part of the great conversation. :)

  3. DAN: I always thought that Black was the absence of color but maybe I am wrong. I would say Red would be my choice for punch of color.

    OMSH: I agree that I don’t like memes either but since I was tagged and I really don’t know that many bloggers that I feel I could tag I decided I would tag you. I really enjoy reading your blog and we have so much in common in regards to kids, house, etc that I thought I would tag you. I also tagged your best friend Jessica, hope she doesn’t get mad…

  4. Phil: I think the way it works is that things appear to be the color that they reflect back to us. So, green grass is absorbing all the colors except green, which reflects back to our eyes, so we see the grass as green. White reflects all colors and black absorbs all colors, at least with regard to light waves within the visible spectrum.

    That would mean that items that appear as black could be described as being all colors or as being absent of color, since it is not reflecting any colors back to us.

    So, the sky is blue because it absorbs all the colors but blue. ;-)

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