Another weight post…

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Just like other blogs I read around the web have been doing, I too am posting about exercise and losing weight. I wanted to post a week ago but life seems to always get in the way of blogging. I started exercising again with weights to try and tone up and lose some weight. I maxed out at 224lbs which is not terribly bad since I am 6’2″, however most of the excess weight is sitting right where it usually does the belly!

So I started working out with weights on August 23 and have been doing it every other day since. I try to fit in atleast 30 minutes of workout time. I am also looking to go bike riding every other day to increase weight loss.

Anyway I started at 224lbs and today I am happy to say I am now at 218lbs. I will keep you updated on my progress…

:) Phil

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