Tree Vault Project

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It took some time to complete but I think it came out pretty nice. If you live in NYC you probably know what a tree vault is. Basically it is the piece of land between the curb and your sidewalk that the city usually plants a tree in.

Well many years ago the tree that was there forever died and was taken down. The city never replaced the tree so I took it upon myself to do it with many different trees that could not stand up to the harsh winters and the salt the city throws on the streets.

I have several pictures that show the chronological order of the project from start to finish, I hope you enjoy…

1. First we must dig all the old dirt out and bring it down to below the sidewalk level. (Michael sure does love to play in the dirt)

2. Next the cobble stones are laid in flush with the sidewalk and curb.

3. The cement is poured between the cobble stones, next day I brushed the cobble stones clean with a wire brush and water.

4. Finally done with a Cleveland Pear Tree planted and nice mulch to keep the soil moist.

Michael Digging

Cobble Stones Laid In

Cobble Stones Cemented

Finally Done!

( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )

4 thoughts on “Tree Vault Project”

  1. what happened to all my beautiful flowers?????? sure it looks nice if you like cobblestones and cement….. however as an old treehugger…I would prefer to see a little bit more green…come on what is taking so long??????? show me some green and pink and red and [email protected]!!!!!! maybe a little yellow and orange and white…. you get the drift…….p.s. I wrote this all by myself with the help of my trusty dusty rambunctious red Bic fine point marker… now if I just knew how to turn this dumb laptop on,,I would be okay….I am just kidding…it looks [email protected]@love ya…MOM….

  2. Karen:
    Thanks for the nice words. You can come visit anytime!!!

    We already knew it was Earth Day tomorrow and that is why we planted it this weekend.

    Give me a break it just got warm enough to plant the tree… I will be putting pretty flowers very soon. I will add the final picture to the blog!

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