When did Christmas decorating become a chore?

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When I was a kid as well as not too long ago I used to love decorating for Christmas. I would even go so far as to get my 32′ extension ladder out and hang lights from the eves 3 stories up!!!

So when did I start hating doing this? Is it because I turned 40? Is it because I am older and have much more responsibilities? I don’t know exactly what it is but it sure does suck the love of Christmas out of me.

I did get out there and decorate including adding an 8′ inflatable snowman and an 8′ inflatable teddy bear. I hung lights in all windows as well as a lighted wreath and garland on the front door. The eves? well they didn’t get done!

Believe me I wish I could get that Christmas spirit back that made me climb that 32′ ladder in 10 below weather, but for now I just can’t find it.

I do hope everyone has a great holiday season and that you all get out an decorate so maybe it will encourage me to do more :)

Happy Holidays….

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