R.I.P. – Sassy…

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Click to enlarge...Today is probably one of the worst days in my life. My dog Sassy of 13 years passed away late last night. I don’t just consider her any old dog, she was my friend, my partner, she was someone who would just listen when nobody else would. She could cheer you up just by looking at her.
All dogs are unique in one way or another, but Sassy was a true one of a kind. She was protective of my children and guardian of the house. She got along with everyone! She was forced to endure bringing two children into the house after she was the only “child”, then was forced to deal with Two new cats and if that wasn’t enough she was forced to now share her house with another dog (Sky) which I had to adopt from my Mother because she couldn’t handle the dog anymore.

Sassy was always open and willing to share with others. She really grew to love Sky, it was as if they were sisters from birth. She even treated the cat like one of her own.

Like I said before, there are many dogs, all with their own personalities but Sassy was a true one of a kind.

Sassy we all love you and you will be missed dearly….

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