Basketball = Fun?

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First let me just say that I am not anywhere near a sports fan. I don’t watch sports on tv, I rarely go to any sporting events unless someone gives me tickets and I feel I have to go then. I am more of the geeky type that would rather code php on my laptop then attend a baseball game in Yankee Stadium.

Anyway my feelings towards sports has changed a bit since my Daughter has joined the Basketball team at her school. They have only played Two games so far, but I have attended both and all I can say is I am hooked! I can’t even speak because of all the cheering. It helps that they have won both games so far!

I still don’t think I would attend a major league game just for fun or because I really wanted to, but atleast I can say that I truly enjoy these games and look forward to attending future games.

Maybe there is still hope for my geekyness!


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