Happy 40th Birthday to me!!!

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Well, today is my birthday! The BIG 4—OH!!! Do I feel any different? Nope! I guess age is just a number after all. Anyway happy birthday to me…..

If you are Forty or there about this story will remind you of the good old days :)


Do you recall your younger days before the Internet, when MP3’s and DVD’s were not invented yet?

Pac-Man, Pong and Donkey Kong were games you liked to play. “Who shot J.R.?” and “Where’s the beef?” were questions of the day.

Cellular phones the size of bricks helped some communicate. Actresses with fitness tapes helped chunky folks lose weight.

Designer jeans and mullets were considered cool and sporty. If you remember all these things….

You must be turning FORTY!!!!

Have a great day!

:) Phil

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