Day Trip

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Today was cool, I have never been to the Kensico Dam in Westchester County. I took both kids and met my friend from work and his son and went to spend the day at the Kensico Dam. The kids took their bikes and we adults went roller blading (well I tried to roller blade), I now have a blister on my right foot from the roller blades. I have been through three sets of roller blades but I can’t seem to find a good one. I need one that has great support for my ankles as well as feels real comfortable when I am wearing them.

I really want to get out there and roller blade more often so that I get much better at it. I am currently ok but I am not anywhere close to being good. I don’t know how to stop on a dime, I can’t turn that well and well my balance is not perfect either. I think with time and practice I would be able to get real good.

Enough about my roller blading issues. I just wanted to thank Louie for a great idea and a great day!

My friend Louie in front of the Kensico Dam…..

:) Phil

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