Time for weights

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Free WeightsWell today I started my annual exercise regime. During the winter months I usually take a break from exercise which I know is not the best thing to do, because I do gain weight. With all the holiday cooking, cakes and candy how could I not put on pounds.

So I start on my quest to lose some weight but also build some muscle at the same time. So weight training is the weapon of choice for me. I start simple with every other day of 30 minute routines. Eventually I will increase to daily with weekends off.

This had worked well for me last year as I lost over 30 pounds and put on muscle. I don’t want to be The Hulk or anything close to that, just trim and tone.

I hope that I keep up with this and stay on track. I usually throw in some bike riding to burn some weight off as well. It is easy to do the riding as my Two kids always want to go with me.

Anyone else started a new workout this year? If so let me know and tell me what you do and how much success you have achived. I will keep everyone updated on how thing are going, this will sort of keep me on track as well since I have you guys to yell at me when/if I fall off.

Just so you know I am 6’2″ tall and currently weigh 196lbs. I would like to get down to 185lbs and tone up my overall apperance.

:) Phil

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