Day Trip

Today was cool, I have never been to the Kensico Dam in Westchester County. I took both kids and met my friend from work and his son and went to spend the day at the Kensico Dam. The kids took their bikes and we adults went roller blading (well I tried to roller blade), I now have a blister on my right foot from the roller blades. I have been through three sets of roller blades but I can’t seem to find a good one. I need one that has … Read more

How do you do nature?

Nature at it finest :) And a little bike riding for me… I must say that we had a great day and alot of fun in Van Cortlandt Park. When you are out there climbing rocks and hiking in the woods you feel as though you are a million miles away from the urban community that you are right smack in the center of. :) Phil

Time for weights

Well today I started my annual exercise regime. During the winter months I usually take a break from exercise which I know is not the best thing to do, because I do gain weight. With all the holiday cooking, cakes and candy how could I not put on pounds. So I start on my quest to lose some weight but also build some muscle at the same time. So weight training is the weapon of choice for me. I start simple with every other day of 30 minute routines. Eventually … Read more

Toothfairy where are you?

Well today my sons second tooth fell out. I am still amazed since he is 7 years old and has only lost 2 teeth. My daughter lost a handfull of teeth by the time she was 6. I know this is not a big deal because everyone is different and grows at different stages. It is just very interesting to me to see the differences between two siblings. Anyway I hope the toothfairy comes and brings Michael some cold hard cash. :) Phil March 26th, 2006: Just as a followup, … Read more