Why should I convert my Facebook Profile to a Page and How?

Facebook Pages

If you have spent any time on Facebook you surely know the difference between Personal Profiles and Pages.

In case you don’t know the basic definition of a profile, it is a personal space on Facebook that you can share thoughts and events about your life with your friends.

A page on the other hand usually represents a Business, a Place, a Thing or anything that is not a person. Sure there are pages for high profile people and celebrities, but normally a person would just create a profile.

Facebook Pages

So by now most people that use Facebook know the difference, but yet I see all the time companies setting up personal profiles instead of a page.

Why they do this I don’t know! Lack of understanding of how the Facebook ecosystem works? I’m not sure.

Whatever the reason, you really don’t want to setup a profile for your business! Plain and simple your business needs a PAGE.

Why? Why do I need a page and not a profile?

  • You can have multiple admins of a page (think employees, management, etc) without sharing your login credentials to your personal profile.
  • People don’t need to ‘Friend‘ you, they can just simply ‘Like‘ your page.
    (Many people do not want to be a businesses friend, they just want to show their ‘Like’ for it. Also by asking for a ‘Friend’ request you are asking them to share their profile with you! I don’t want you to see my profile!!! That’s why I ‘Like’ pages, I can interact with them but they cannot see anything that is not public on my profile.)
  • People can ‘Share‘ your page!
    (This is a biggie for anyone that wants more fans.)
  • People can find your page easily in the search box.
  • All posts on pages are public so even people that don’t like your page can still read them.
    (This is good for getting new page likes.)
  • You can use Facebook Ads for your page to get new ‘Likes‘.
    (This could convert into new paying customers)
  • You can boost individual posts to get a better response to that particular post.
    (This is another type of pay-per-view ad but for individual posts, think sales or new products. It’s also pretty inexpensive for the exposure you get for that one post)
  • You get Facebook Insights which is an analytic display of all your fans and how your page is doing.
  • Last and most important -> It is a violation of the Facebook terms of service to use a personal account to represent something other than yourself.
    (This is a REAL BIGGIE! If Facebook decided to crack down, they can terminate the profile for your business and you will have no recourse.)

So with all these pluses and a BIG minus, why would you want a profile page for your business?

Hopefully by now you know the answer is you don’t!

So what do you do if you already setup a profile for your business and have a bunch of friends that you don’t want to lose? Keep reading and I will show you how to convert your Facebook profile into a Facebook page. And of course if you don’t want to attempt this yourself you can always hire me to do it for you. :)

There are a few things to know about converting your personal profile into a page.

  • When you convert your personal account to a Facebook Page, a business account will be created to manage your Page.
  • Facebook will transfer your current profile picture and then add all your friends and followers as people who like your Page.
  • Your profile account username will become the username for your new Page, and the name associated with your personal account will become your Page’s name.
    (If you want your Page to have a different name, consider creating a new one.)

No other content will be carried over to your new Page, so be sure to save any important content before beginning the conversion:

  1. Download your timeline information.
    (More information about downloading the file that contains all of your sent and received messages and all of the photos and videos you’ve uploaded to Facebook can be found here here.)
  2. If you created any groups under your profile you have to appoint a new group admin to any groups you manage. You’ll be unable to manage groups once the conversion begins.
  3. For full access to all page features, manage your new page from a personal account or add admin users to your Page.

When you’re ready, start converting your personal account to a Facebook Page here.

Once your conversion finishes you will still be able to log in from your original email address and password to manage that page, but I recommend logging in from your real personal account and manage it as an admin of the page.

I have converted several profiles to pages in the past and all goes pretty smooth. Just remember you WILL LOSE all content on the profile but you will keep all your friends as new fans.

It is worth doing this now instead of waiting, the longer you wait the more content you will lose and the greater chance you have of Facebook cracking down on an illegal profile.

Have you ever done a conversion? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below.

How to block annoying Facebook Advertisements (and others too)

You know those annoying advertisements on the side of Facebook. The ones for losing weight or finding a date or playing some type of game.

Like the ones you see here:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Are you tired of seeing them?

How about the annoying ads in the front of YouTube videos that you have to sit through only to be disappointed with the actual video that you thought you wanted to see…

Well if you’re like me, you are sick of them!

I have good news for you… You can get rid of them all and it is super easy and best of all FREE!

There is a program called Ad Block Plus which does a very nice job at removing all those intrusive ads along with blocking a lot of tracking that websites do while you surf around. The program works on most browsers and operating systems. You can read about all the features it has here.

A description from their site:

Surf the web without annoying ads!

  • Blocks banners, pop-ups and video ads – even on Facebook and YouTube
  • Protects your online privacy
  • Two-click installation
  • It’s free!

Does it sound to good to be true?

It’s NOT! I love this program, never again will I surf the web without it installed…

See how it looks now after I installed Ad Block Plus:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Ahhhh! Much better…

Do yourself a favor and get it today!

You can thank me later when you are watching that YouTube video without the ads… :)

As always if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

By the way this is NOT a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links as this is FREE software. I am promoting a product that I use everyday and really love!

Download your copy here https://adblockplus.org

Why you should use a lightbox plugin on your blog

I read a lot of blogs, too many at times. Sometimes I get sucked so far down the rabbit hole that three hours have gone by and I have had zero productivity because of reading blogs.

One of my biggest pet peeves with bloggers (believe me I have a bunch of pet peeves) is that they go through all the trouble to take great pictures, edit them, beautify them, then just stick them inside their post to sit there waiting to be clicked on…

“So what” you say! Isn’t that what is supposed to happen?

Sure! I guess…

I love the fact that most bloggers that post photos make them clickable so you can enlarge them, but that’s where the problem lies.

When you click the photo the image usually opens in a blank screen, nothing around it, nothing telling the reader what to do next.

Instead they leave the reader sitting there looking at a nice picture and hoping they hit the back button to get back to the website that the picture is from.

But what if the reader loses interest or doesn’t know to hit the back button? What then?

A lost reader…

So what is the fix to this clicky situation?

The answer is simple, install a lightbox plugin.

A what? What is a lightbox?

Basically it is an overlay that sits on top of your website and focuses on the image that the reader has clicked on. The beauty is once the reader closes the overlay window they are right back at your post on your site.

Below is a screenshot of what a lightbox looks like, a beautiful overlay on top of the website.

A lightbox overlay
A lightbox overlay

You can search the WordPress Plugin Repository for a lightbox as there are several, but the one I use and like and has been working without fail for some time now is Simple Lightbox.

Once installed it automatically changes all your linked photos to launch in a lightbox.  If you don’t want a lightbox on a photo for some reason you can add a ( rel=”slb_off” ) to your photo link. (This only works for this plugin)

Want to try it?

Click on the image below and see how nice it is to have a lightbox.

With a Lightbox

Now click on this image below and see what it is like without it. (Remember to click your back button to come back)

Without a Lightbox

Which do you prefer?

If you think that this is a great idea and more people should have this on their blogs please share this post to bring awareness to this pet peeve of mine.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please leave me a comment below.

Happy 47th Birthday to me :)

So today was my 47th birthday. Seems like only last week it was my 40th birthday, I guess as you get older time passes by much more quickly?

Oh how I yearn for those lazy long days of summer from my youth.

Instead of celebrating my birthday here today, I would like to celebrate the three inspirational women who have had a major effect on my life.

My Mom, My Great Grandma, My Grandma(Nana) & of course me.
My Mom, My Great Grandma, My Grandma(Nana) & of course me.

My Mom is and always will be #1! She has been through everything from good times to bad with me, and has always been there for me. We have been through so many things, singing Christmas carols in the streets, fighting for the neighborhood we lived in, saving animals of all types, even almost getting arrested for painting an American Flag on city property.

There are just too many things and times to even try to capture in writing, it would take a book.

I am thankful that I still have my Mom with me today, and that I was able to have a nice quiet dinner with her, my Dad and my Children for my birthday, after all without her I would not even be celebrating a birthday.

My Grandmother(Nana) was such an inspiration to me, she showed me things, taught me things, had the patience of a saint and loved me with all her heart. I miss her so very much that it hurts at times, but I look back and think of all the good times we shared, the laughs we had and the feeling of trust that was never broken between us. She always saw the good in everything, never a bad word crossed her lips.

My Great Grandmother(Babci) whom I knew for such a short part of my life, but has left a life long impression on me. She would spend time with me as a very young boy and teach me how to count in Polish! I think the first time I ever felt the pain of love and loss was when she passed away. I wish I got to know her for a longer period of time, but I am happy to have the memories of her still with me till this day.

Thank you all for allowing me to celebrate the inspirational women in my life and my birthday with you.

So who do you remember most in your life? Who was most inspirational to you?

Feel free to give a nod to them in the comments below.


How to make your phone number clickable on your website

Smart Phone

I am sure when you are browsing the web on your smartphone or tablet you have come across some websites that have clickable phone numbers.

Basically they look like a regular link to a web page, but if you click them they will pop up a dialogue box and ask if you want to call that number.

Pretty cool no?

Well if you have a website that already lists your contact phone number then it is super simple to do.

Just like adding any other link you would start with the following:

<a href=”

That is the typical way a link starts in html.

Okay so that looks pretty standard you say…

Well it IS except for the next part of the link.

<a href=”tel:12125551212″>Call me now at 1 (212) 555-1212</a>

What this does is tell your mobile phone that you want to dial that number when the link is clicked.

There are a few problems:

  • First problem is on a desktop computer it will not do anything unless you have a browser extension installed for Google Voice.
  • It doesn’t work with Skype as they have their own proprietary link to use their service.
  • It will have problems globally for international callers unless you enter the correct dialing string, but then how could you predict all the dialing strings one would need? If you have a solution for this please let me know in the comments.


If you wanted to make these links Skype compatible you would have to choose one or the other or list your number for both types of calls. Maybe put a nice little Skype icon next to the Skype compatible one.

To make a Skype link:

<a href=”callto:12125551212″>Click to call me using Skype</a>

The last thing I would be concerned about is website scrapers and scraping your phone numbers for solicitation purposes. But then again if you have your contact number on your website already then I guess this would not make it any worse.

So once again a short and simple way to make your phone numbers clickable on your website.

Want to try it out? Click here to call 1-212-555-1212

If you have any questions on implementation just let me know in the comments below.