Another one bites the dust! (Goodbye

Just a few weeks after closed shop another VOIP provider has done the same. has posted a goodbye letter on their site as of 8/2/2007.  “ALLO.COM SERVICES TO BE DISCONTINUED AUGUST 2, 2007 As previously announced to all customers, has decided to discontinue providing VOIP Services. We will keep offering innovative VOIP related hardware such as Analog Telephone Adapters and MicroPBX systems. All services will be discontinued no later than August 2nd, 2007″ What is going on with these VOIP providers? Have they priced themselves out of … Read more

Sunrocket robbed me!

Well it appears that I have no phone service because on Monday Sunrocket an internet phone company decided they no longer want to be in business. See this NY Times article. I had paid a years subscription in February and thought all was fine, I had not heard any news that they were in trouble, I never experienced any real problems with the service. I had their service since February 2006 and was very happy. They offered a whole year of calling using VOIP for $199.00, how can you beat … Read more