Amazon AppStore is giving away free apps today only!

To celebrate their app store’s one year anniversary in Europe, Amazon is giving away some free Kindle apps. They are including some of the most popular apps. Even though they are celebrating their European anniversary, the offer is not just exclusive to Europe. That means Amazon Appstore users in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan will be able to download all of the following apps today for free… Make sure you get these today as they won’t be free forever! Disclosure: Even though these are all … Read more

How to block annoying Facebook Advertisements (and others too)

You know those annoying advertisements on the side of Facebook. The ones for losing weight or finding a date or playing some type of game. Like the ones you see here: Are you tired of seeing them? How about the annoying ads in the front of YouTube videos that you have to sit through only to be disappointed with the actual video that you thought you wanted to see… Well if you’re like me, you are sick of them! I have good news for you… You can get rid of … Read more

Why you should use a lightbox plugin on your blog

I read a lot of blogs, too many at times. Sometimes I get sucked so far down the rabbit hole that three hours have gone by and I have had zero productivity because of reading blogs. One of my biggest pet peeves with bloggers (believe me I have a bunch of pet peeves) is that they go through all the trouble to take great pictures, edit them, beautify them, then just stick them inside their post to sit there waiting to be clicked on… “So what” you say! Isn’t that … Read more

How to make your phone number clickable on your website

I am sure when you are browsing the web on your smartphone or tablet you have come across some websites that have clickable phone numbers. Basically they look like a regular link to a web page, but if you click them they will pop up a dialogue box and ask if you want to call that number. Pretty cool no? Well if you have a website that already lists your contact phone number then it is super simple to do. Just like adding any other link you would start with … Read more

Read Kindle books without owning a Kindle

Yes it’s true you can read Kindle books without owning a Kindle e-reader. So many people think that you need to own a Kindle from Amazon in order to read all the books and magazines they have¬†available in their vast library. However the truth is you can start reading any of their books right this minute! Since you are reading this post I assume you have a computer/tablet/smartphone of some sort. And as long as you have that you can start your reading right now! Of course Amazon would love … Read more