Magic Eraser – Danger for Children

If you have young children, please do not let them use the Magic Eraser Sponge. My friend over a Kerflop has posted a story about what happened to her young son after wiping his face with one of these sponges. “If I had known that both brands (and others like them) contain a harmful alkaline or “base” chemical (opposite of acid on the pH scale) that can burn your skin, I never would have let my little boy handle them. As you can see from the picture, when the Scotchbrite … Read more

Happy 40th Birthday to me!!!

Well, today is my birthday! The BIG 4—OH!!! Do I feel any different? Nope! I guess age is just a number after all. Anyway happy birthday to me….. If you are Forty or there about this story will remind you of the good old days :) —- Do you recall your younger days before the Internet, when MP3’s and DVD’s were not invented yet? Pac-Man, Pong and Donkey Kong were games you liked to play. “Who shot J.R.?” and “Where’s the beef?” were questions of the day. Cellular phones the … Read more

Time for weights

Well today I started my annual exercise regime. During the winter months I usually take a break from exercise which I know is not the best thing to do, because I do gain weight. With all the holiday cooking, cakes and candy how could I not put on pounds. So I start on my quest to lose some weight but also build some muscle at the same time. So weight training is the weapon of choice for me. I start simple with every other day of 30 minute routines. Eventually … Read more