Pizza Party…

Thank You Card Cover

Let me start by telling you that I didn't expect to be supplying pizza to 20 3rd graders. It all started when my son came home with some disappointing math grades, I tried everything to get him to bring his grades up but nothing seemed to be working. We studied, did flash … [Read more...]

Elevator riddle & contest


My Daughter came home with a riddle today and I thought it was cute enough to deserve a post. See if you can guess the correct answer to it? The first person who posts the correct answer will win a free 125x125 button ad here on my blog for one month. No cheating please, … [Read more...]

How many days old are you?


Now I feel real old... After visiting the day counter page I found that I am 15,222  Days   -- or --   2,174  Weeks and  4  Days old. :( That puts things into perspective no? How many days old are you? ~Phil … [Read more...]