Cinnamon Buns made in a Waffle Maker too? Oh yeah…

Last week I wrote about making Scrambled Eggs in a waffle maker and how delicious and great they came out. Well I am back this week with something even better! How about some delicious cinnamon buns? Oh yeah! You know the can that you buy that explodes when you peel the label and then almost gives you a heart attack? Yeah these… Since I saw it on that video from last week, I had to try it… (Side note, I will be trying more of the things on that video … Read more

Scrambled eggs in a waffle maker – Does it really work?

I am always looking for new ways to cook eggs. Those of you that know me, know that I have an over abundance of eggs from my five little hens. So as I was watching this video of 7 Awesome Waffle Iron RecipesĀ I thought it really can’t work or be as simple as the video showed. You know how it is now a days, you can’t believe everything you see or hear on the interwebs… :) So I decided to give it a go and see if it does what … Read more

Crockpot Chocolate Devils Food Cake

So I have this new toy from Christmas that was given to me by my parents that I can’t seem to stop playing with. A Crockpot! I have been making all kinds of food in it and today I decided to experiment with making a cake. Who would have ever thought that you could make a cake in a Crockpot, but low and behold it works! There are many recipes online and they all vary so I just tried what I thought would work. I took the easy way out … Read more

Easy microwave bacon

What better way to start the new year than with Bacon! :) For Christmas I received a crock pot slow cooker (thanks Mom & Dad) that I have been putting to good use. My kids are thrilled with it too as dinner is ready and waiting, plus the house smells so good. So with this new found treasure I have been trying to find recipes that everyone will enjoy. I am amazed at how many recipes there are and how easy most of them are to make. For dinner tonight … Read more

Make Iced Coffee using a Keurig K-Cup Maker

First let me just say I was inspired to try this after reading a blog post about doing just this over at Three Kids & Us. I just stumbled upon Cat’s blog and found so many interesting posts. If you are into home and garden, are raising children or just like some cool give a ways stop on by and check out her blog. So after reading her post I decided to give it a shot. My son watched me try to make iced coffee without using a K-Cup. If … Read more