I got a ‘G’ rating!

I just saw a link on a blog I read that tells what your blog is rated. I checked my blog and got a ‘G’ rating! Cool, however I don’t think it will always be ‘G’… I try to keep it clean and children friendly as my kids read this blog. Anyway here is my ‘G’ rating…

Back to business

Hello All, Sorry for the long delay but I have been swamped with life and work. From now on I will try to keep the site updated more often, as long as my hectic life allow. Anyway please don’t mind the mess around here while I play with new themes and plugins for WordPress “The best blogging software in the world”….

Hello World!

Well the reason I started with a “Hello World” post is because it is how most programmers start learning a language. So since I am new to blogging I figured the first post should be a “Hello World”. This blog as you can probably tell is all about me and my life. I feel that if I post to some type of journal/blog it will help me get through the daily grind easier. What will you find here? Probably not much that is interesting to anyone except maybe myself and … Read more