What is the proper advertising request etiquette

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post-no-billsI never thought about having advertisers on my blog as it is just my personal blog. However I have been approached on more than one occasion to advertise on my site.

So I guess that means I should put together an advertising policy page for anyone who wants to advertise here with me will have clear understanding of my advertising policy.

The thing that gets me is my most recent conversation with someone who wanted to advertise on my site.

It started off normally with a request to advertise on my site:

Hi there,

I am interested in text advertising on your website ( http://philmcdonnell.com ) I primarily am looking for 3 month homepage links for a network of technology blogs and shops, please let me know your prices for these.


My first response:


Please let me know what you want to link to as well as how you want me to link to it. Depending on this is what the cost would be and also if it is even a viable advertising I would want to do.

Thanks for your inquiry…


And their response:


I am interested in TEXT ADVERTISING to your HOMEPAGE of your site. Please let me know your price, my budget is large enough to entertain any fair offer.


Then I sent this response:

Thank you for getting back to me but without knowing who you are advertising for or where you want to place said advertisements I don’t have a way to price it out nor do I have a way to say if I even would put said advertisement.


I thought I was pretty clear that I need to know what they are looking to advertise, what sites the advertising would link to and also where the ads would need to be placed on my site.

But I guess not because this is the next response I received:

My sites are about technology, gadgets and shopping. Please let me know your price. Thanks

So with this I decided I was just not interested anymore in this particular advertisement engagement.

My final response:

I’m sorry but at this point I am not interested in accepting advertising.
Thanks for contacting me, Happy New Year to you…


Was I too harsh?

Was I not clear enough in my asking for information?

Is this some type of scam that I am not aware of yet?

Do you have a blog and have you ever been approached for advertising on your site, leave me any comments below.

( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )