Kong to the Rescue!

What is Kong? How is it going to resuce me or anyone for that matter? Well it’s not really going to rescue you or even your friends, but it does provide Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters with some much needed toys to occupy their dogs for a while. So what you say!┬áThere are many companies that sell toys for dogs, what is so special about Kong? You are correct! There are plenty of companies that make and sell toys for dogs. But the Kong company also thinks about those dogs … Read more

I am now a WordPress cook!

WordPress 3 Cookbook

A WordPress cook? What the heck am I talking about? Every good cook begins somewhere, usually they start with cookbooks and recipes so what does this have to do with WordPress? Well nothing really, except that I entered a contest to win a free copy of “WordPress 3 Cookbook” over on WPMU.org that was sponsored by Packt Publishing. I actually got picked as a winner! I was surprised that I was chosen because there were so many entries, some of which I thought were really great! I love the blog … Read more

Does your Facebook Page have a Friendly URL?

Facebook Friendly URL - Username Setting Screen

So you created that great new Facebook page for your business or organization and you just started to get a bunch of ‘likes’. Now you want to share it with the world, through your blog, maybe Tweet about it, whatever way you share it you want it to be easy right? Well, when you first create a page on Facebook you get assigned a very long and ugly URL something like: https://www.facebook.com/pages/YourFantasticFacebookPage/182395468488524 That doesn’t look too appealing does it? Not to mention how could I ever remember that if I … Read more