No Google Logo in 2011?

Google needs to get hit with a Shillelagh

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No Google Logo in 2011?

So St. Patrick’s Day came and went for 2011 and neglected to recognize the day.

Usually they post one of their “updated for the day logos” on their home page, but not today.

Sure they posted one on their Ireland website (;

But what about here in the US?

It seems like they can change their logo at will for the most trivial of days, but a holiday that many celebrate is not even recognized?

For this I say Google needs to be hit with a Shillelagh :)

In case you are interested in what a Shillelagh is have a look at Wikipedia’s definition.

Shillelagh (club)

It also seems like I am not the only one who noticed…


Am I wrong for calling Google to task on this? What are your thoughts?


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