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Like me!In case you have been watching my doings over the past couple of days you have probably noticed that I created a ‘Fan Page’ no wait a ‘Like Page‘ for my public persona.

Wow! You might think, who the heck am I that I think I can create a ‘Like Page’ for myself.

I am not some famous author, big public speaker, singer/song writer or even a Doctor turned Tv Celebrity

You are most certainly correct! I am none of the above…

So what makes me think that I can create a public ‘Like Page‘ and people will actually come?


I don’t think or expect anyone to come and ‘Like‘ me… However since most of my life is spent online and my businesses are also set in the online world, I need a way to get my message out there. A public ‘Like Page‘ is just the way to do it.

I created my Facebook account for one reason and that was to keep in touch with my family and friends in a mostly private setting. Before Facebook I used this blog as my way of keeping everyone updated on my personal life, hence the old posts about bike riding, losing weight (hmmm, still need to do that), etc…

I have since posted all this great information on Facebook for all my wonderful friends to see and comment on…

It has worked out well, but, now the problem is I am getting friend requests from people I do not know. Maybe I have Tweeted with them or commented on one of their blog posts but I don’t know them.

So what is the big deal?

Well nothing really I guess, but I do post pictures of my family, my house, my life on Facebook. I don’t mind sharing all of this with my Facebook friends, but if I start adding everyone as a friend then people that I do not know in real life, total strangers will be seeing me toga dancing, skinny dipping, and pictures of my family. I don’t necessarily want to share with these things with the world.

Ok, now that I cleared that up…

I have created a brand new ‘Like Page‘ and would love for you to ‘Like Me‘ so that we can all just get along, hang out and enjoy each other’s comments, and also you can see what I am currently up to or thinking about.

I will be keeping my personal blog updated as time permits with interesting things that relate mostly to the internet and techy stuff…

My ‘Like Page‘ will be fed the posts from my personal blog so you don’t have to check back here if you don’t want to.

I will also add quick interesting things to the ‘Like Page‘ that don’t really need a full blog post…

I would love to hear your thoughts about this, do you have a ‘Like Page‘ of your own? If you do have one how do you tell people that you do not want to be their ‘Friends’ but you would rather they ‘Like You‘?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

( If you are reading this anywhere but my blog, you can find the original post here. )