And so it begins – Simplify my online presence.

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Since I said I wanted to start simplifying my life, I figured I would tackle the easiest things first.

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I am limiting my online presence to only a handful of social networks, one instant message network and reducing my email accounts as well.

I don’t want to eliminate my entire online presence since I do most of my work online I still need to be available, but I don’t need all the noise that extra IM’s, social networks, etc give. Plus it will make it easier to focus if I don’t have to constantly be bombarded with information that I probably don’t need.

If I was going to totally go cold turkey and kill my entire existence online I would probably use a service like Web 2.0 Suicide Machine. This service is incredible in what it does, if you want to completely wipe your online world you simply enter your login information for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or LinkedIn and it will delete all your friends, messages, and change your username, password, and photo so that you cannot log back in.

( Warning: This will really delete your online presence and is not revocable. )

Since I don’t want to totally eliminate my presence and I still do want to connect with my friends, family and clients online I am selectively reducing my presence.

As of right now I have a short list of what I am keeping as follows:

  • Facebook – For family and friends mostly
  • Twitter – To meet new people and connect with other business minded people
  • LinkedIn – My business social network
  • Youtube – For all my video posting needs
  • Picasa – For all my picture posting needs
  • AIM – AOL Instant Messenger to have live text/video chats
  • SKYPE – Mostly for business text/voice/video chats

I am also consolidating email addresses for my personal and business life.

What would you recommend adding or removing from this list? Have you ever done something similar? Let me know in the comments below.


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