What’s up, you deleted me from Facebook?

First let me just say that if I deleted you as a friend on Facebook, it was not because I don’t like you or I think you are mean or you smell or well you get the idea. Today, following in the footsteps of Michael Hyatt, I started on a new plan to focus my time and energy and to bring the time I spend on the internet under control. Now if you know me, you know I spend a great deal of my time on the internet. I don’t … Read more

How much paint to cover a room?

This post is really so I can remember what to do when I need to figure out how much paint I need to paint a room. The formula is quite simple but if you don’t have it in front of you then you will just be guessing. Add all the walls widths in feet that you want to paint, multiply the total by the rooms height and then divide the total by 350 (the square footage a gallon of paint usually covers) and then you have how many gallons of … Read more