Where in the world is Phil McDonnell?

I have been asked, “What happened to you? Where have you been? Why aren’t you posting anymore?” Well to sum up my answer to all those questions, I have been very busy with life around me as well as the strike across the street from my house. If you don’t know what I am talking about you can read all about it here: www.fipna.org , to sum it up there is a nursing home across the street from my house that forced its employees to strike for the last six … Read more

Tentative Agreement at Verizon

Since last week Verizon workers have been working without a contract, the union and the company have both been at the bargaining table and stopped the clock on the contract expiration date. Well today (Sunday) according to our local website www.cwa1101.org, Verizon and CWA have reached an agreement. If you look back at my post from last weeks deadline you will see that my prediction was pretty close, all except for the 5 year agreement, Verizon only agreed on a 3 year contract. From CWA’s website: Following is a summary … Read more

No strike yet…

As I suspected there is no strike as of yet against Verizon. If you have followed my blog you know I work for Verizon and our contract expired August 2, 2008. Everyone at work said that we were going on strike and it could be a long one, etc. I was the only one who kept saying that it would seem unlikely that Verizon would want to put us on the street. At the last minute the union and Verizon decided to stay at the bargaining table and continue working … Read more