Pizza Party…

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Let me start by telling you that I didn’t expect to be supplying pizza to 20 3rd graders.

It all started when my son came home with some disappointing math grades, I tried everything to get him to bring his grades up but nothing seemed to be working. We studied, did flash cards, I even bought math books from Staples.

I decided to try a little bribery… I told him if he could get two 100% grades on his tests in any major subject I would buy his whole class a pizza party. I knew he could do it if he put his mind to it, but I never expected him to get 100% on two math tests.

You heard right 100% on two math tests! So I must say congratulations to Michael and I am glad that he enjoyed his pizza party with his class.

I must thank the whole class for the beautiful “Thank You” card I received signed by everyone.

Thank You Card Cover

Thank You Card Inside

Keep up the good work son! I knew you could do it…

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